Breaking news
  1. Round 7 in retrospective. Scorpionii on the winning end. Plumbers lost against Best
  2. Shmac 2/3 this weekend. Joulaks huge game. Plumbers overpowered Valbon2
  3. Bastards on the losing end again. Younique on a roll
  4. 2 weeks of good basketball. Scorpionii stay in B League
  5. Inter League started. Plumbers got the first win.


Here you can get information about ABLA player movements for season 2017-2018

Nr CrtPlayer NameOld TeamNew Team
1Suba AlexandruBastardsSpartans
2Paltinisan DanYounique Basketball
3Cuzic OvidiuYounique Basketball
4Simoc AlexandruScorpionii Timisoara
5Lupascu EmanuelAllBlacksBastards
6Anghel AlexandruAllBlacksBastards
7Halmaci Lazar AndreiAllBlacks
8Jivan LiviuScorpionii Timisoara
9Plapsa Iulia
10Sanda SilviuAllBlacks
11Nitulescu AdrianAllBlacksUnderdogs
12Zaharia Darius AllBlacks
13Szabo Andrei AllBlacks